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The AccelerationGroup accelerates your business and realizes growth. We deliver commercial breakthroughs, achieve promised results, manage transitions and secure improvements. We want to be successful with you. 

Our areas of expertise: sales acceleration, marketing improvement, talent optimsation.


Lasting results and the best results | Structure |  Growth | Part of the team | Help doing | Systematic approach | Provide and obtain quick insight | Distinguish main from side issues | Break through and breakthrough | No nonsense | Switch quickly and solve

  • The AccelerationGroup accelerates commercial performance, focussing on conversion improvement, sales optimisation, performance management and business development. We work according to plan, no-nonse and are result oriented

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  • The AccelerationGroup improves marketing profitability. We develop daring strategies and innovative propositions. We do this on a project basis and we have a pragmatic approach. For you and with you. The Customer is King again

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  • The AccelerationGroup optimises talent. We understand the business and know the people. They determine the success. We are pro-active, involved and focus on people and goals. Our Talent Solutions give human capital a boost.

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Do you want to receive the best in sales advice? 1303 other people already did.

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Masterclass Customer Insights!

We delen onze commerciële expertise en kennis graag met jou. In de vorm van een masterclass ‘van klant inzichten tot waarde gedreven propositieontwikkeling’. Deze masterclass is exclusief voor onze bestaande relaties en we bieden deze aan tegen een zeer gereduceerd tarief: € 560,00. Wij geven deze masterclass in samenwerking met Marketing Workouts.

5 redenen om te kiezen voor the AccelerationGroup
  •   David Bekke approached me and asked if I was interested in setting up Google Benelux. I have always experienced the contact with David as very pleasant and I am truly grateful that he approached me and introduced me to Google!  
    Marc Duijndam (Funda - CEO / Google Nederland - previous CountryManager)
  •   The AccelerationGroup has helped Media Markt in the change process of developing sales people into advisors. Not only to sell products, but to offer all-round solutions that meet the needs of our clients. The contribution of these all-round solutions to our results is significantly higher than previously.  
    Quint Duivenvoorden (MediaMarkt - Program responsible)
  •   “The Garage” has been a real innovation for PON Automotive. The AccelerationGroup is a company with a proven track record in innovation, new formula’s, working according to plan and a firm implementation. Next to that, they know our organization well. All of this combined was decisive for us to give them the lead on this large project.  
    Eric Kraan (Pon Power - Senior Vice President)
  •   I really valued working with David. During the several search processes he has conducted for us, he demostrated dedication, persistance and integrity leading to the right results. The candidates he has searched for us are now valuable contributers to the succes of our organization. 
I therefore recommend David's services to any organization. 
    Edwin Hageman (Microsoft Netherlands - CEO / BT Benelux - previous Boardmember)
  •   Hiring saleshunters allowed us to quickly increase our sales force and go after chances in the market place. Next to that this way of working offers us the possibility to train potentially good sales people and if desired, hire them.  
    Frank Soede (BLG Wonen - Commercial Director)
  •   The AccelerationGroup has helped us in an excellent way with optimizing our sales activities. Trough regional orientation we have a more clear picture of the market and have adjusted our business accordingly. What really helped us was the practical approach and the hands-on mentality of The AccelerationGroup.  
    Jaap de Jong (Powerhouse - Managing Director)
  •   Our clients are more than satisfied, this is supported by our Net Promotor Score. You can read more about client experiences with our commercial projects here.  
    The AccelerationGroup: our NPS is 33
  •   The AccelerationGroup has worked with us towards an even more client-oriented organization in which result-management through coaching leadership is now business as usual. The results show in our revenue, customer satisfaction and mystery shopping results.  
    Harry Werkman (MediaMarkt Groningen - Managing Director)

Our Team

The quality of our team and the love for our profession guarantees our success. Years of practical experience puts us in the lead when it comes to insights, professional knowledge and perspective.


Read more about the background and vision of The AccelerationGroup .

  • Lars Spannenburg

    Passion for delivery, improvement, commercial @TAG4U and sportive. Fanatic cyclist, loves Italy and is a Business Driver. “every organization can increase its sales by 20%”

  • David Bekke

    Goal oriented, always wants to win. Recruitment @TAG4U with a talent for finding senior commercial professionals. Passion for good food and wine.

  • Marco Cupido

    Experienced B2B-specialist @TAG4U with passion for growth. "How do you successfully adjust your marketing and sales process to the radically changed Customer Buying Journey?”

  • Sven Fremeijer

    Commercial marketeer @TAG4U Interim “outboard engine” Father of 2. Loves to read, runs through the mud and fixes Laro’s and results.

  • Eric Bakker

    Breakthrough in commercial results. Change with impact. Fanatic when it comes to sailing, teamplayer and loves humor.  

  • Joost Wijermars
  • Brian Van Wachem
  • Christine Edelman
  • Bas Hafkenscheid

    Challenges to next level commercial excellence. Sincerely involved. Driven by change and results. Passionate for culture and nature. Active violinist.

  • Fedor Hoevenaars
  • Mark Van Den Blink
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